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What we do?

We design a wave plasma thruster which eliminates the problems related to operations of small satellites in LEO,  such as a limited lifetime of conventional thrusters and low maneuverability of small satellites that can both lead inefficient operations and LEO contamination.

Our business is based on developing and applying our own unique technology in the field of plasma engines and space systems. The company is currently developing a laboratory model of a multi-channel plasma engine for research to confirm its performance.

Probe diagnostics of the plasma plume created by a magnetic nozzle of an inductively coupled plasma source

The Air-Breathing Helicon Plasma Thruster, a thruster utilizing ambient air which is suggested to support small spacecraft on very low Earth’s orbits, has been tested successfully.

Helicon engine in outboard air as a successful solution for maintaining small space vehicle in orbits up to 200 km

The paper deals with the use of a helicon engine in the outboard air to maintain small space vehicle (SSV) in low earth orbit. The concept of the small spacecraft with an engine on the outboard air is proposed…

Our Team

Each member of our team has a unique mindset and ability to create innovations. Our advantages are also the excisted patents and initial developments that already formed the basis for commercial projects.

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